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What Can You Do With a Piece of Paper?

3D Papercraft


Lacey Papercraft


Sliceforms are collapsible 3D models that can be made in many different shapes and sizes. Because they can be flattened, they are perfect for mailing and for making pop-up cards. You can even decorate an entire Christmas tree with Sliceforms and put all the ornaments away in a shoe box! You can do the same with party and wedding decorations to preserve them as keepsakes. These Sliceforms consist of inter-locking pieces and usually require no gluing to assemble. We have many intriguing shapes, some of which are available in two or three sizes.

Click on the picture to see our large selection of shapes and sizes and techniques that you can use for your next project. Those lucky enough to see or receive these Sliceforms will be amazed by your creativity.




Hasty Lace® Templates


A Hasty Lace® template and a few tools is all you need to turn ordinary paper into something extraordinary! You can make it look very much like lace, brocade, or beading, depending on your choice of paper and finishing techniques. Hasty Lace® templates are sturdy pieces of plastic with holes that guide the tools that you use to make wonderful designs. You can reproduce the pattern as is; or you can alter it by mixing designs from different templates, using only a part of a design, or extending a section for infinite possibilities. It's fun to discover what happens when patterns are moved and mixed together.

Click on the picture to discover the beautiful frames, elegant cards, large wall pieces, and tiny accents that you can make with Hasty Lace® templates!