Hasty Lace® IN1 Daisy Insert: (some assembly required)™ Paper Craft Kits, Rubber Stamp Set
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IN1 Daisy Insert
IN1 Daisy Insert
In a group of templates that have two designs in mirror-image, this one stands out as an odd duck. There is only one design! Why is it here? The mirror-image is inside the design itself. If you look carefully, from bottom to top, you will see that the design reverses itself as you travel up. Look at the leaf at the bottom — see how it is reversed just above?

The leaves are really splendid in this design and can be easily used alone. Like the Border templates, you can use this to make a large lovely frame. Get out your mirror to see how best to make the corners. Check The Paper News no.6 for details about designing frames.

Size of design:
2" x 5.2" (5cm x 13.2cm)

Look Inside!
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