Dove Ornament Stencil: (some assembly required)™ Paper Craft Kits, Rubber Stamp Set
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Dove Ornament
Dove Ornament
Dove Ornament SHOW ME HOW
This model is only available as a Stencil. To use it, you trace the shapes with a pencil, and score where the folds are going to be. Since the scores need to be accurate for a successful model, the Stencil has special little channels for guiding the scoring tool. The Dove collapses as it is turned inside-out. It is too large for the usual card size, but it makes a splendid hanging ornament or napkin ring.

The Dove is beautiful when made with colored or decorated paper (feathers and glitter anyone?).

Size (from beak to tail): 3.5" (8.9cm)

For Beginning and Intermediate crafters
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