Folding Snowflake: (some assembly required)™ Paper Craft Kits, Rubber Stamp Set
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Folding Snowflake
Folding Snowflake
Folding Snowflake SHOW ME HOW
This Snowflake is very different from the other ones. It folds flat: hence its name – the Folding Snowflake. Since this model made its original appearance inside the Snowflake Ornament Precut Paper Kit, it was made on a square grid. You can still find it there as well as in the 3D Ornament Stamp Set, either mounted or unmounted. The only way to get this model by itself is in the Folding Snowflake Die Set. This model is easier to put together than the triangulated Snowflakes. But you do have to be brave: you need to pull the pieces apart enough to cross the long arms over each other and slide them together. Check out the video to see how this is done.

This Snowflake does collapse!

Size: 2" x 2.5" (5.1cm x 6.4cm)

For Intermediate crafters

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