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Tree Decor Stamp Set
Tree Decor Stamp Set
The original 3D Stamp Set includes several stamps for decorating the Tree. Now we have a Stencil that replaces the stamps. It's just another way to get the pattern on a piece of paper so that you can cut it out and put the pieces together. The Stencil doesn't come with the decorative stamps, so they are available separately in this set. The Tree Decor stamps can also be used with precut Trees and die cut Trees.

The Decor stamp kit includes Birds, Snow, Snowy Branches, and Ornaments. There is also a special stamp to make it easy to highlight the star on the top. The Snow stamp can be used randomly to make a nice background. I have also used the Birds in the Snow Globe with the Cute Little Tree inside.

The stamp for the star and the snowy branch stamps are mounted on the firm foam that we use for all our stamps. The smaller images are unmounted. You will find instructions and ideas inside the package label.
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