Eggimal-Bear: (some assembly required)™ Paper Craft Kits, Rubber Stamp Set
What Can You Do With a Piece of Paper? Sliceforms
Who doesn't need a Teddy Bear now and then? You can position his head for different expressions, and his "arms" and legs can be attached in several different ways. The legs can go up for sitting or down for standing. The "arms" can go forward or to the side. Here's a challenge: make a Bear with moveable limbs just like the real thing! (Is there a watchmaker in the house?)

You will need the Egg Strips, the Bear Die, and the Basic Eggimal Book to make just this model. If you want to add another individual Eggimal, you only need to buy the die for that particular model.

Egg size: 0.75" x 1.25" (1.9cm x 3.2cm)
The finished size of each Eggimal varies.

For Intermediate and Advanced crafters
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