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What Can You Do With a Piece of Paper? Sliceforms
Heart Locket Dies You can send a Heart for every season, and every reason. Is there a more universal and versatile motif? The Heart can be made to showcase special papers or stamped decorations. Include a portrait on the front layer and you have a heartfelt keepsake. Hang some ribbons in it and you have a festive decoration. Make that red, white and blue and you have the 4th of July! Put green Hearts together to make a four-leaf clover for St. Patrick's Day or good luck. A floral design for spring and Mother's Day, gold for Christmas, silver for Hannukah, and red for Valentine's Day.

Only the Heart Locket is available in die Sets. The Locket is the scaled down version of the model which was designed to make three sizes of Hearts by reusing the same pieces, just cut a bit differently. (It seemed like an interesting challenge.) The Large and Medium Hearts in the Heart Locket series are perfect for pendants, lockets and pins. Complete the ensemble with a pair of earrings made with the Small Heart.

For Beginning and Intermediate Crafters