Snowflake Dies: (some assembly required)™ Paper Craft Kits, Rubber Stamp Set
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Snowflake Dies We have dies for two very different types of Snowflakes.

One is the three Snowflakes that come in the Stamp Set. The sizes and shapes vary among the three, but they all fit together, so you can make up your own combinations. This model is actually the simplest one we make, consisting of 3 identical pieces plus another that is in two identical pieces. Simple as it may be, it is also the trickiest model to put together as it is triangulated, instead of the usual square grid of the others. All products for this model come with a Trainer which doesn't have all the points and holes  of the regular pieces so that you can see the slots that go together and how the structure works. You can also make flat Snowflakes with all of the products for this model.
Note: This model does not collapse! You can use it for ornaments and decorations, but not in a card.

The other type of Snowflake does collapse. It is the one that was originally inside the Snowflake Ornament. It's structure is the usual square grid, making it easier to understand when putting it together. Covering it with clear glitter
gves it has all the sparkle it deserves!