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Cake Stamp and Stencil Set
Cake Stamp and Stencil Set
Carousel Cake Stamp & Stencil Set SHOW ME HOW
The Carousel Cake Stamp and Stencil Set makes single layered cakes in three sizes. They can be attached to one another to make a tiered cake, and the largest size converts into a charming carousel. The forms for the cakes are so large they had to be put on stencils. There are eight two-sided carousel animals (four horses and four beasts) on foam mounted stamps, as well as candles and other decorative images for a total of 20 stamps. The complete mounted set includes 8 Carousel Animals (four Horses and four Beasts) to make a carousel out of the Large Cake. There are also two sizes of Candles, four Swags, and a Medallion that can be used for the Carousel or the Cakes.
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