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Cake Stamp and Stencil Set
Cake Stamp and Stencil Set
Cake Stencil SHOW ME HOW
The Carousel Cake Stamp and Stencil Set makes single layered cakes in three sizes. They can be attached to one another to make a tiered cake, and the largest size converts into a charming carousel. The forms for the cakes are so large they had to be put on stencils. There are eight two-sided carousel animals (four horses and four beasts) on foam mounted stamps, as well as candles and other decorative images for a total of 20 stamps. The complete mounted set includes 8 Carousel Animals (four Horses and four Beasts) to make a carousel out of the Large Cake. There are also two sizes of Candles, four Swags, and a Medallion that can be used for the Carousel or the Cakes.
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