Have A Heart Kit: (some assembly required)™ Paper Craft Kits, Rubber Stamp Set
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Have A Heart Kit
Have A Heart Kit
This kit has everything you need to create many stunning Hearts. The Precut Hearts give you the opportunity to make some immediately. Just punch out the pieces and assemble. There are ribbons in the kit for decorating and hanging your Heart creation.

If you want to use your own paper, (decorated ones are great for Hearts) the stencil is the tool you need. Just trace the shapes and cut them out. You can mix and match between your cut pieces and the Precut Heart pieces in the kit – they are both the same.

For decorating your Hearts you will find a trellis design stamp. It is easy to use and quite striking when heat embossed in gold. There are many ways to color in the flowers to make it even better.

This kit is for making the Medium Heart from the Large Heart series. You need the Heart Stamp Set to get all three Hearts.
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