You Are Loved Banner Kit: (some assembly required)™ Paper Craft Kits, Rubber Stamp Set
What Can You Do With a Piece of Paper? Hasty Lace Templates
You Are Loved Banner Kit
You Are Loved Banner Kit

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Ki2 HT template: HTa contains the letters Y O U A R E L V D I S B in heart-shaped frames. HTb has decorative elements that can be used with them.

Ki2 Instruction booklet: 31 page  spiral-bound instructions. Includes ideas for how to use the templates in the kit and how to make a special tassel.

Ki2 HL template: Custom template to fit the hearts around the letters. The black and gray papers are used when working without a light table.

Ki2 Paper strips: 12 precut strips of paper neatly wrapped in a sleeve. Each makes four letters.

Ki2 Waxed envelope: The vellum has to be waxed for tracing, and this pastry bag has a good coating of wax.

Ki2 Precut pennants: Cut from beautiful scrapbook papers from Magenta. Includes 12 pieces of reversible paper in 2 designs —  24 in all.

Ki2 Precut backings: 24 precut pieces of colored vellum in two colors to put behind the pennants when assembling.

Ki2 Thread: 10 yds. of DMC thread and tapestry needle for hanging banners on a special holder for making tassels.

Ki2 Stencils: Trace and cut to make more pennants and backings and backings.

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